Columbus GA Notary Pricing Table

Columbus GA Notary - Pricing

Sample Fee Reference Table

Service Category Service Type Total Cost
Business and Commercial Documents Business Contracts $65
Business Licenses $55
Corporate Resolutions $70
Add $0
Construction and Real Estate Development Architectural Agreements $75
Building Permits $80
Construction Contracts $80
Add $0
Education Documents College Financial Aid Forms $60
Diploma and Transcript Requests $55
Educational Affidavits $65
Affidavit of Residency for Public School $30
Employment and HR Documents Background Check Authorizations $50
Employee Agreements $55
Employment Contracts $60
I-9 Verification $50
Environmental and Regulatory Documents Environmental Impact Statements $80
Hazardous Materials Disclosures $70
Pollution Control Documents $75
Add $0
Estate Planning Documents Affidavit of Heirship $65
Estate Planning Affidavits $60
Executor's Deed $75
Add $0
Family Law Documents Adoption Documents $80
Child Custody Agreements $75
Divorce Papers $70
Travel Consent Minor $40
Financial and Investment Documents Financial Affidavit $65
Loan Agreements $60
Promissory Notes $60
Add $0
Government and Legal Forms Consular Forms $65
Legal Contracts $60
Notary Certificates $55
County Statement of Legal Residence $30
Health and Medical Documents Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Forms $50
Healthcare Directive (Living Will) $55
Medical Power of Attorney $60
Add $0
Immigration Documents Immigration Affidavits $65
Immigration Forms $60
Visa Applications $70
Passport Affidavit $40
Insurance Documents Claims and Release Forms $60
Insurance Declarations $55
Insurance Policies $65
Add $0
Intellectual Property Documents Copyright Registrations $70
Patent Applications $80
Trademark Applications $75
Add $0
International Trade Documents Certificates of Origin $65
Export Declarations $80
Import/Export Certificates $70
Add $0
Marriage and Divorce Certificates Divorce Settlement Agreements $70
Marriage Certificate Notarization $60
Separation Agreements $65
Quit Claim $60
Vehicle-Related Documents Bill of Sale for Vehicles $45
Vehicle Registration Forms $50
Vehicle Title Transfer $50
Add $0

The pricing information listed above is just a sample reference fee. We always give out 15% DISCOUNT to our first-time customers. Please tell us if you’re a first-time customer so we can offer discounted pricing for our notary services. Feel free to use our discount calculator below.

Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator

Disclaimer: Georgia notaries are not attorneys licensed to practice law. The information on this site is for your general information only. It does NOT constitute legal advice. It should NOT substitute for legal advice from an attorney.