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Columbus GA Notary is here for you. While a traditional notary public involves face to face in an office setting, a mobile notary will come to you and meet you in person. This option can be beneficial if you’re short on time, or you want to avoid having to travel to their office. This type of notary will usually be available during off-peak hours, so they can meet your needs as quickly as possible. In addition, a mobile notary will be available when you need them most.

Regardless of whether you’re in need of a document apostille or a notarial certificate, hiring a mobile notary will allow you to have it completed in a shorter period of time than you’d normally spend doing so. Choosing a mobile notary can prevent fraudulent transactions and ensure that your documents are authentic. By eliminating the need to send paperwork and travel, you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

One advantage to hiring a mobile notary is the flexibility of scheduling. A mobile notary can come to your home, office, or any other place. Mobile notaries are especially helpful for emergencies when a client needs to get their documents signed on short notice. Because they can come to you at any time, a mobile notary is a convenient option for busy people. If you’re working in an office, it may be difficult to arrange a time that works for both parties.

With only four million notaries in the U.S., finding one in your area can be difficult or easy. Hiring a mobile notary is a cost-effective way to stay productive. In addition to saving your business money, you’ll also save time, as a mobile notary typically visits 8 locations each day. Some mobile notaries even work evenings and weekends. There are plenty of benefits when hiring a mobile notary public.

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    I AM A:

      • Notary Signing Agent
        • Lenders, title agencies, and mortgage financing organizations all use notary signing agents to complete real estate transactions. My job is to authenticate the borrower’s identification and appropriately sign the paperwork. I can also describe the document’s objective and content. However, I am unable to provide you with legal advice or counsel. It’s advisable to hire a lawyer if you require legal advice.

      • Mobile Notary Public
        • A notary public is a public officer constituted by law who is certified to witness and confirm the signing of legal documents. When you work with a notary public, I will serve three important purposes:

          a) Confirm the identities of the participating parties

          b) Witness signatures 

          c) Sign off on the validity of the agreement

    Mobile Notary service

    Mobile notary service in Columbus GA is a service that offers convenience and accessibility. Mobile notaries are a great asset to the people that need notarization services when away from home or a notary public. Mobile notaries are able to provide notarizations in a variety of settings, such as in the comfort of someone’s own home or in a public place. Mobile notary is valuable service to have.

    Give us a call to schedule an appointment

    Give us a call to schedule an appointment

    Certified Notary Signing Agent

    Certified notary signing agents also known as loan signing agents, provide notary services for the signing of loan documents. Most of our work is in the real estate industry. We will walk signers through the documents and verify their identity. We will then deliver the signed documents to the escrow company when everything is done and completed. 

    Loan signing agents are responsible for notarizing and certifying financial and legal documents. We can certify new home loans, mortgages, reverse mortgages, closing contracts, and property transfers. We are licensed notaries who have a listing with the Secretary of State. Our duties may vary depending on which state we received our commission. Some states require that Loan signing agents have specialized training and knowledge to notarize certain documents.

    The role of a loan signing agent is vital to the process of loan closing. The job of a notary signing agent includes answering questions regarding the loan process and explaining the significance of notarizing loan documents. The loan signing agent must be qualified and have experience. It is important to choose a notary signing agent who is professionally certified. They can help you avoid errors and ensure the loan is completed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    A loan signing agent is a commissioned Notary. As a notary  signing agent, I act as a trusted third party for loan signings. As a notary, I can assist both the borrower and the lender. As a signing agent, I must adhere to the notary laws in the state of Georgia at all times.N

    Why Notaries Should Not Use Public FEDEX Computers

    One reason notaries should not use public computers or FedEx is that these companies store client information on their printers. These printers are a potential breach of privacy, and it is against the law for notaries to print documents from them. Public computers are also not secure, and notaries should always use their own computers.

    FedEx has partnered with Notarize to offer online notarization services. The service connects you with a licensed notary public via secure video conference. There are four steps you need to complete. First, you upload your documents. Second, you need to answer security questions. Then, you can choose a time to meet the notary via video. Once your appointment is complete, you can download the notarized documents.

    FedEx is no longer offering in-person notary services. This is a result of the company being sued for negligent notarization in 2008. The company now only offers online notarization services. FedEx charges $25 per document. However, some post offices and banks still offer free notary services.

    When notarizing documents, be sure to learn about your state’s notary laws and regulations. You should familiarize yourself with the website for your state’s notary department, as well as acceptable identification documents. Also, learn about proper journal keeping.

    What is I-9 Employment Verification

    When it comes to employment verification, the I-9 form is required for many companies. While an authorized representative can complete this form without a notary’s seal, it is still important to complete the form correctly. If you are unsure of how to properly complete the form, ask a notary to complete it for you. They will check that the information you’ve provided is accurate and will fill in all the necessary parts. Once completed, you can give the form to the employer and save it for future government requests.

    Some services have mobile services that meet with the new employee at a convenient location. Others will cold-call notaries in the new hire’s area. They will have the new employee sign a form, and some will even review it for errors. You’ll need to be sure that your notary has the proper certification to complete this process.

    If you’re hiring a new employee from overseas, the first step is to confirm that the new employee is authorized to work in the United States. The I-9 is required within three business days of hiring, and you must have an authorized representative to review it. Most electronic services will automate most of the process and make it nearly error-proof, but if you’re hiring an employee on the other side of the world, you’ll need a notary to sign the Form I-9.

    However, this doesn’t mean a notary must be present at the time of employment verification. An e-verify form will guide the notary to fill out the information on the form and list the employer as their authorized representative. The e-verify document also lists the notary’s seal information. While this is not an official notary act, it still requires the notary to sign a different Notary book, where they keep records of different transactions. Notary book entries will include the employee’s name, the company’s name, and the date of the transaction.

    What is Power of Attorney

    A power of attorney (POA) is a document that grants someone else power of attorney over your property or finances in case you are unable to act on your own. Although not required in every jurisdiction, it can improve peace of mind for you and your family. You can create a POA decades before you need it, but it’s wise to review it periodically.

    In most states, any adult over the age of 18 can be nominated to act as your agent. It is important that the agent is mentally capable. While a lawyer is recommended, anyone you know and trust may be a good choice for the position. As long as they are aware of your intentions, they can act on your behalf.

    Notarization of a power of attorney document is important to avoid the risk of fraud. The document grants the agent significant power and responsibility. Since it can have life-saving implications, notarization is crucial to ensure it is valid. The power of attorney should be signed in front of a notary public. The notary’s certification proves the document’s authenticity in the event of a legal dispute.

    The power of attorney document should be notarized in Georgia before it is put into effect. It needs to be witnessed by two witnesses in order to be effective. A notary public can serve as one of the witnesses.

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    Disclaimer: Georgia notaries are not attorneys licensed to practice law. The information on this site is for your general information only. It does NOT constitute legal advice. It should NOT substitute for legal advice from an attorney.